An introduction to Jeana and Dr. Skinner

“How do you even blog?”, followed by a chorus of laughter from the conference room. This would be the first question among many that Dr. Skinner and myself asked when we met with Jeff Kessinger, communications manager at the Downtown Springfield Association.  When we agreed to write a blog for our partnership with the DSA, we had no idea what we were getting into. Turns out, it’s a lot of laughter while we fumble our way through this first one!   

Hi, my name is Jeana Varney. Here are a few tidbits about me that you may or may not find interesting.  

  • Fellow downtown resident for the past 3 years.
  • I worked at the Springfield Symphony Orchestra for 5 years as their Marketing Manager. For the past year-and-a-half, I’ve helped manage Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital East as the Office Manager. 
  • I’m a stubborn red-head.
  • Dog lover for life.  I have one pup named Miguel that I co-parent with one of my best friends.
  • My favorite leadership strength is my ability to “woo” my staff and friends.  More on that later.
  • I’m an avid recycler!

Hello there!, I’m Dr. Rebecca Skinner.  

  • I am not a downtowner (I’m a southsider…much to Aunt Abbe’s chagrin), but I LOVE the downtown!
  • I am personally boring but have a wicked way of attracting chaos.
  • My leadership strengths…I lack the Influence category…which is why I have the fiery redhead above and the “hold nothing back” Amy at the other location (she’s shy about this stuff but I’m sure we’ll wrangle her into this too…mooohahahahahah!)
  • Weirdest animal I’ve had come into the vet clinic was a 20 ft., 200lb Ball Python with an upper respiratory infection! 

Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital…A couple little clinics with big heart

Our roots were laid by Dr. Ted Betzen and Dr. Liisa Carlson and her dad, the late Dr. Carlson…they started em’ and we are growing em’!  The foundation of 90 years of knowledge combined with the knowledge of 6 super smart veterinarians…we got you covered!

  • We value team, change for the better, and a better way of life for our employees and patients.  
  • Evolving the veterinary experience is our aim.
  • Now we are partnering with the DSA to evolve your experience as a downtowner.

What does this mean for you???   

You are going to learn awesome ways to make the downtown a much cooler place to live, play, and work, while also shoving some pretty cool information into your noggins about pet care, health and entertainment.  Betwixt Jeana, who’s second office is Skinny Slim’s and will be available for consultations* and Dr. Skinner, aka Skinny** (no affiliation to Skinny Slim’s), all the downtown pet resource needs you’ve ever desired will be here in one place!

So, brace yourselves for the onslaught of very useful information from two professional weirdos.  In fact, we are going to leave you with a little tidbit of info on poop, since that’s what Jeana loves the most (😑-Jeana’s actual face right now), and that is one challenge of downtown that the DSA has shared with us.  

Have you seen those colorful flags sticking out of those poo piles?  Those are brave individuals who have volunteered to go around sticking them in the turds hanging out on the sidewalks and streets of downtown.  Yucky job but no one likes poo on their shoe!!! Stay tuned for next month’s blog on everything poo and what you should do with your dog’s doo. 

Until next time, Downtown!


Jeana & Dr. Skinner

*disclaimer-do NOT listen to Jeana’s medical advice only relationship and best place to hang out downtown advice.

**disclaimer-do NOT ask Dr. Skinner about relationship or best place to hang out advice only medical advice.