Involvement in the Springfield, MO Community

When we’re not working, you’re very likely to find us at different community events throughout the year. We love mingling with our neighbors and their pets, and doing more to benefit the animal population in Springfield and beyond. Medicine isn’t the only way we can help dogs, cats, and humans, and it gives us a chance to engage with our community on another level.

Community Dog Walks

Started as a way for Dr. Skinner and her family to explore the great outdoors of their new home in Missouri, our community dog walk has become a great way of sharing the outdoors with our Spring Valley and Happy Tails friends, and other’s who want to join!  We welcome all dogs (even those with behaviors that owners are working on)! Dogs must be kept on a leash and you must pick up any poo that your dog doos on the walk.

Held every first Sunday of the month, at 10 am, you can find our schedule on the Spring Valley and Happy Tails Facebook pages as well as our Spring Valley Community Dog Hike page which we post all the pictures we take while walking!

Come Find Our Booth at these Events:

large group photo during dog walk for community involvement event in Springfield MO