Flea and Tick Prevention Tips for Springfield, MO Pet Owners

fleas and ticks in springfield, mo

Fleas and ticks are a problem for pet parents across the United States. A flea is a small, bloodsucking parasite that lives on the exterior of a host. Fleas can make our pets and us incredibly itchy, as well as making our pets anemic (low red blood cells). Ticks are also bloodsucking parasites that transmit…

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Keep it clean, Downtown Springfield!

What’s up with all this poo? You see it on the sidewalks. You see it in the grass. Why does Downtown have such a poo problem? When nature calls for our furry four-legged friends, they’re just going to stop and squat. And let’s face it, dogs lack the opposable thumbs us two-legged owners have, so…

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An introduction to Jeana and Dr. Skinner

“How do you even blog?”, followed by a chorus of laughter from the conference room. This would be the first question among many that Dr. Skinner and myself asked when we met with Jeff Kessinger, communications manager at the Downtown Springfield Association.  When we agreed to write a blog for our partnership with the DSA,…

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