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Pet Wellness Care

We’re always excited to see your pet for their yearly cat and dog wellness exams in Springfield, MO, where we can evaluate their health and answer all your questions.

Cat And Dog Wellness Exam Care

In addition to the health benefits, these visits help to reinforce the partnership we have with you and strengthen the bond we have with your pet. Most of all, we take pride in helping you make important decisions on your pet’s behalf and seeing them thrive year after year.

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Why We Recommend Yearly Exams for Dogs and Cats

As they say, prevention is the best medicine, which is why we place a strong emphasis on wellness exams—it’s what your best friend needs for a healthy life.

  • First, we can establish a health baseline at your pet’s first visit and use that to assess their condition at the next visit. This includes a complete physical exam, weight monitoring, nutritional counseling, and recommended wellness blood testing.
  • Yearly health checks make it easier for us to notice anything unusual, and we can use this new information to decide on an appropriate treatment plan. Having the ability to detect signs of trouble early means we can better prevent illness.
  • Dogs and cats age quickly this is no secret. Yet, it’s easy to take for granted how quickly their health can change. The next time we see your pet, they may need a new diet or one or two new vaccines. Let’s keep up with those changes!

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Puppy & Kitten Exams

Puppies and kittens can be fragile, so they need frequent checkups in their first year of life. This includes blood and fecal tests to check for parasites and other illnesses, deworming, vaccination boosters, and parasite control. The sooner we can start protecting your pet, the healthier they’ll be.

Every Pet Needs Parasite Prevention

Parasites will always cause trouble for our four-legged friends, so protection is vital. Ticks, fleas, heartworms, intestinal parasites such as roundworms, may be tiny, but the health issues they can cause, such as heartworm disease and Lyme disease, are significant. We recommend year-round, life-long parasite prevention for dogs and cats alike.

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Caring for Senior Pets

We love our sweet senior patients and want to do all we can to make their twilight years the best they can be. Dogs and cats can experience all kinds of age-related issues, including arthritis, diabetes, heart failure, and kidney failure. Seniors need to see their vet more often to keep these conditions under control and have a better quality of life.