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At Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital West, we offer quality cat and dog grooming services in Springfield, MO to help them enjoy pampering from our dedicated groomer.

Cat and Dog Grooming In Springfield, MO

Hygiene affects health and vice versa, which is why routine grooming appointments at Spring Valley West can ensure your pet always has a clean, soft coat, trimmed nails, and a bounce in their step (because they’ll feel their best!). We can also advise on how to maintain your dog and cat’s hygiene at home, from brushing their coat to trimming their nails.

A dog wearing a scarf

Included in Our Cat and Dog Grooming Services in Springfield

Our professional staff can provide a range of services whatever your pet needs, they can find it here. This includes:

    • Bathing
    • Brush out and blow dry
    • Dematting
    • Specialty haircuts
    • Hair trims
    • Nail trims
    • Special shampoos (for pets with skin conditions)
    • Ear cleaning
    • Anal gland expression

    Why Pet Grooming is Beneficial to Your Dog or Cat’s Health

    While dogs don’t need to bathe as often as we do, they should see a professional groomer every month or so for a deep clean and overall tidying-up. Routine grooming provides the following benefits:

    • A clean, plush coat free of accumulated dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and loose hair
    • A clean, healthy skin barrier
    • Less shedding
    • No painful fur matting which harbors dirt and dead skin (and possibly parasites!) and affects blood circulation
    • Healthy, blunt nails that allow for proper foot posture and gait
    • Greater socialization and familiarity with being handled for your pet
    • Possible early detection of skin disorders, lumps, and bumps, or parasites

    Contact us and schedule your next dog or cat grooming appointment at: (417) 831-2666